Standard equipment:

  • 2 smokers with work surface of 4.9 m² – 10 racks,
  • 2 barrels 125 cm long, 60 cm in diameter,
  • 1 BBQ barrel with work surface of 2.75 m²,
  • 1 charcoal grill barrel with work surface of 0.6 m²,
  • fire pit – 0.3 m³,
  • 2 small worktables – 0.2 m² each,
  • basket for transporting wood with the capacity of 0,75 m³.

One-axle trailer 530 cm long, 180 cm wide, 220 cm high (without chimneys). Max. axle load 1350 kg with overrun brake, support wheel in the front part and stabilization support in the rear part under the fire pit.

Equipped with led lighting to ensure good visibility and reliable operation.

Trailer prepared to be towed by the most modern vehicles with control of the trailer’s lighting installation via the computer. Equipment can be customized to individual needs of customers.

The trailer has European COC approval.